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Healthy Heart Day

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Healthy Heart Day 2022 Chapters:

0:00 Opening Remarks and M.C. Dr. A. Shekhar Pandey, Cardiologist
Kathryn McGarry, Mayor of Cambridge
Coping During the Pandemic, Dr. Peter J. Lin, MD.
Get moving, Cindy Catton, Owner Citrus Router Personal Training
Building Stronger Habits in a Stressful Time, Dr. Alice Cheng, MD, FRCPC
Heart Disease in Women: Ms. Understood, Dr. Tara Sedlak, MD, FRCPC Cardiologist
Mindfulness Break, Jillian Monoghan, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor
Be Your Own Heart Hero, Dr. A Shekhar Pandey
Concluding Remarks, Dr. A Shekhar Pandey

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The ever-popular Annual Healthy Heart Day is the P.R.E.V.E.N.T. Clinic’s community outreach program that attracts over 500-participants from across Cambridge, Guelph, Wellington and Kitchener-Waterloo region. The event provides attendees with expert-lead experiential workshops ranging from risk-reduction and diabetes education to cooking demos, yoga, fitness and Tai Chi. With over 30 not-for-profit organizations and para-medical vendors set up at the health fair, and with exclusive television coverage by Rogers TV, Healthy Heart Day reaches more and more at-risk patients every year, doing our part to support the heart health of our community.

Healthy Heart Day 2022 is April 30th 9 am-12 noon

Join us here to stream or watch on TV on Rogers Cable 20 Waterloo Region

The mission of Healthy Heart Day is to create a community of Heart Heroes — uniting people from all walks of life who will take action to live longer, better, heart-healthy lives. So how can you be a Heart Hero? It’s really about asking yourself, your loved ones and others around your community: “What can I do right now to look after my heart … and your heart?”

Healthy Heart Day: an event that comes from the heart.

The first Healthy Heart Day was launched in 2004 in memory of Mrs. Linda D’Souza, a matriarch of the Pandey-D’Souza family. As a dedicated nurse of 4-decades, Mrs. D’Souza was a pillar of her community, faithfully involved in bettering the lives of the less fortunate. Carrying on her legacy of commitment and civic responsibility, Dr. and Mrs. Pandey consider the heart health concerns of the Cambridge region to be their personal responsibility. Healthy Heart Day, then, is a labour of love not only for Grandma Linda but for the community as well.