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CMEs: Continuing Medical Education Webinars

Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre hosts webinars and CMEs regularly. We are pleased to publish links for these recorded CMEs on this page to make it accessible to a larger number of health care providers. Please check back often as we build this library of reliable, validated and accessible webinars and reach out to us if you want to be invited to live events we may be hosting in the future.

Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD): Update on management strategies

Presented at CMH Grand Rounds 10.24

This Video Continuing Medical Education (CME) session, examines the multifaceted aspects of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD) management. Tailored for a healthcare provider audience, the session provides a comprehensive analysis of lifestyle modifications, pharmacological interventions, and interventional therapies. We delve into the latest advancements in each category, offering a nuanced understanding of their respective roles and their combined impact on patient outcomes. This CME opportunity is designed to cater to both experienced practitioners and those seeking the most up-to-date insights, fostering an in-depth comprehension of ASCVD management strategies.

Brugada syndrome

Dr. J. Healey, professor of Medicine, McMaster University

Dr. Jeff Healey is a Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist and Professor of Medicine at McMaster University, director of the division of cardiology and the Population Health Research Institute Chair in Cardiology, reviews Brugada syndrome, a rare but potentially life-threatening arrhythmia that is sometimes inherited. He reviews when to suspect Brugada Syndrome, how to investigate and what interventions are required during this CME at the Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre.

Atrial Fibrillation Update

CMH Grand Rounds

Dr. A. S. Pandey reviews the current state of #atrialfibrillation management and discusses the role of #anticoagulation #stroke risk reduction, #LAA closure devices #Watchman procedure, #rate vs #rhythm control and #ablation in #afib, the impact of #sleepapnea on #AF and the role of #lifestyle optimization and #cardiacrehab in #afib patients

CHF Update: New Categories, New Therapies, New Guidelines

CMH Grand Rounds

Dr. A. Shekhar Pandey presented this Grand Rounds CME at Cambridge Memorial Hospital reviewing the latest information on diagnosis and management of congestive heart failure. He reviewed the new categories of CHF: HFrEF (Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction), HFpEF (Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction), HFimpEF (Previously reduced ejection fraction heart failure that has recovered), HFmrEF (Heart Failure in mid range ejection fraction). State of the art therapeutic options, guidelines and the role of cardiac rehabilitation and lifestyle optimization was reviewed in this lively and engaging CME. Watch here now.

Stress and Heart Health

Dr. Jaan Reitav is a renowned clinical psychologist with a special focus on the psychological health of heart disease patients. In this webinar, he presents his insights on the role of Stress in Heart Health in front of a live audiance with a dynamic and engaging Q&A at the conclusion of his presentation.

Cardiac Amyloidosis: a simple approach to a complex disease state.

Dr. Pandey reviews our current understanding of both AL and ATTR Cardiac Amyloidosis and discusses the clues that can help in early diagnosis and effective treatment of this often missed cardiac condition.

Strategies to reduce cardiovascular risk in ASCVD

Going beyond the basics, new data, new interventions, new therapies to reduce risk in CAD

Dr. Pandey reviews the various therapeutic options to reduce cardiovascular risk in patients with established coronary artery disease including the impact of lifestyle interventions, newer therapies to reduce risk and a simple online tool to determine which therapy best suits which patient.