Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre

About Us

We believe that all Ontarians deserve world-class cardiovascular healthcare

Regardless of the size of your community

As the designated preferred provider of outpatient prevention and rehabilitation services for Cambridge Memorial Hospital and a founding affiliate member of the Cambridge North Dumfries Health Team, Cambridge Cardiac Care is a part of a broadened circle of care, serving patients in the immediate community and from all across southwestern Ontario. Our unique, full-service, non-invasive cardiology facility was built on a commitment to lessen the burden of heart disease on the community at large. We follow through with that promise by ensuring reduced testing and consultation wait-times, investing in community outreach prevention programs and spearheading onsite clinical research that continually advances the level of care we can provide.

Meet our cardiologists

Cambridge Cardiac Care is committed to addressing the diverse needs of our patients. We reflect this diversity in the roster of cardiologists to whom we entrust your care. These specialist physicians are not only at the top of their field in medicine but also come from multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and LGBTQ diverse backgrounds so that our teams can maintain necessary sensitivities and better address the patient’s broader concerns.

Meet our specialized, multidisciplinary care teams

With so many moving parts, from diagnostic testing and lifestyle rehabilitation to cardiology consultation and clinical research, Cambridge Cardiac Care draws on a multidisciplinary team of allied healthcare professionals including both adult and paediatric specialists. Together, we work with a single grounding principle; that of personal responsibility. We take your heart-health personally!

Meet our Board of Directors

The not-for-profit P.R.E.V.E.N.T. Cardiac Rehab & Risk reversal Clinic is overseen by a Board of Directors who advocate for patient services and hold the clinic to its best governance practices. Their varied professional and cultural backgrounds ensure that diverse voices are heard so that patients are well represented.

About Us

CCC in the News!

Cambridge Cardiac Care has become a known hub for reliable, scientifically sound heart health information. As well, our lead cardiologist, Dr. A. Shekhar Pandey, is a sought after speaker and medical expert for numerous media outlets on the local and national level. From medical interviews and media highlights to Dr. Pandey’s column in the Cambridge Times and Waterloo Record, it’s all here, in the news!

Why patients need prevention-rehab now.

The P.R.E.V.E.N.T. Rehabilitation & Risk-reversal Clinic

Studies show that cardiac rehab can reduce the risk of future cardiac events and disease progression by upto 90%! Symptoms and risk factors do not have to result in progression of heart disease, if you start making lifestyle changes and adhering to recommended therapies. We’re here to help as your partner in heart health.

Today’s research is tomorrow’s therapy

Clinical trials are enrolling patients now. Ask if you qualify!

Cambridge Cardiac Care's Research Institute is an affiliation of like-minded investigators stemming from varied and allied specialties, all of whom are committed to aligning research goals with patient care. This type of synergy allows our investigators to recruit from a large and diverse population, producing high-quality, efficient research that serves science as much as the patient-at-hand.

Introducing our family of Rapid Access Clinics

Cambridge Cardiac Care has designed a suite of specialized units to address the specific needs of Chest Pain, Atrial fibrillation and Congestive Heart Failure patients. Delivering “fast-track” access to testing, consultation, therapy, lifestyle intervention, rehab & counselling, these programs meet the tailored needs of the individual, and quickly! We call them Rapid Access because we know that when it comes to your heart, every second counts.

Wait Times

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Cardiac Test Routine Test Wait Time Urgent Test Wait Time
ABPM 2 weeks Same day
ECG 24 hours Same day
Echocardiogram 2 weeks 36 hours
Stress Test (Exercise / Treadmill) 2 weeks Same day
Stress Echocardiogram 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor - 24 Hour 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor - 48 Hour 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor – 72 Hour 2 weeks 48 hours
Holter Monitor - 2 Weeks 2 weeks 48 hours
Spirometry 24 hours Same day

The above wait-times indicate the standard benchmarks that Cambridge Cardiac Care strives to meet each and every day. Unforeseen circumstances and Public Health mandates, may effect these wait times. Rest assured that timely access is a driving force at CCC: we will get you in as soon as possible, based on your assessed level of urgency.