Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre

Overview: For Patients

Cambridge Cardiac Care is built on a promise: to deliver world-class, multi-disciplinary health care with a “patient-first” focus. It is a promise that informs every decision we make from your individualized testing, treatment and rehabilitation plan, to the building’s architecture and the art on the walls, from who we hire and how we train our staff, to the way we greet you in the hall: every detail aspires toward excellence in patient care and safety. You are, indeed, at the heart of everything we do.

Full Suite of Non-Invasive Testing

CCC is home to the largest suite of non-invasive cardiac investigation and testing units in the region. Our cardiologists, nursing and technical staff remain on the cutting-edge of rapidly evolving medical technologies, providing you with the best in world-class health care and cardiac diagnostics. Meanwhile, our medical administrators make timely booking, testing and reporting their top priority. It is one of the many ways that our staff take on that sense of personal responsibility, each doing their part to help address delayed-access issues in our community. In this way, CCC strives to be part of a bigger solution.

The P.R.E.V.E.N.T. Cardiac Rehab & Risk-reversal Clinic

The not-for-profit P.R.E.V.E.N.T. clinic is a unique, state-of-the-art cardiac rehabilitation facility that provides customized out-patient services including cardiac-event-prevention, risk-reversal, cardiac rehabilitation and community-outreach services, free of charge to patients. With the largest unit of its kind in the region and one of the most comprehensive teams in the country, we are able to help patients manage more aspects of their heart-health journey than ever before. Studies show that cardiac rehabilitation can reduce the risk of future cardiac events and disease progression by upto 90%! Our goal is to prevent a cardiac event from happening in the first place; but, if it already has occurred, prevent it from ever happening again.

Meet our unique Rapid Access clinic programs

Cambridge Cardiac Care has designed a suite of specialized units to address the specific needs of Chest Pain, Afib and Congestive Heart Failure patients. Delivering “fast-track” access to testing, lifestyle intervention, rehab & counselling, these programs meet the tailored needs of the individual, and quickly! We call them Rapid Access because we know that when it comes to your heart, every second counts.

Onsite Clinical Research Facility

Cambridge Cardiac Care has a thriving research department dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of cardio-metabolic illnesses. Our collaborations with the world’s most highly regarded research centres give our patients access to innovative and cutting edge medical resources that may not otherwise be widely available. After all, today’s research is tomorrow’s treatment. And we believe that when the patient is at the heart of research, everyone wins.

Multi-disciplinary team

The multi-disciplinary team at CCC continually sets the gold standard in southwestern Ontario focusing on prevention, accurate diagnosis, and comprehensive therapy. Our holistic approach to heart health brings together a highly qualified team of professionals from adult cardiologists & paediatric cardiologists and registered nurses to cardiovascular technologists and sonographers; dietitian and diabetic educators to smoking cessation and stress management counsellors; registered kinesiologist and personal trainers to yoga and mindfulness instructors.

You see, we may be diverse in our expertise, but we are singular in our approach: guided by a philosophy of personal responsibility. That means we take your health personally. But we do not act alone. You, our patient, are the most important member of the team. Your commitment to building a heart-healthy future is the greatest predictor of your success.

Our Pandemic Response

Cambridge Cardiac Care and its entire team is committed to protecting your health and that of the community at large during the COVID -19 pandemic. As a result, we have made necessary changes to ensure patient and staff safety. We have made the transition to virtual appointments in most cases. However, a CCC medical administrator will contact you in the event that you need to be seen in person or testing needs to be done imminently. In the event that you are called in for an appointment, please read below carefully prior to coming to the clinic.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All individuals entering the CCC building are required to wear a mask and keep it on for the duration of their stay in the clinic. In the event that a patient does not have a mask, one will be provided to you upon arriving to the clinic. Staff are required also to wear face masks and any other PPE as per the nature of the appointment or procedure. Though you may not be able to see our smiles, know that behind the mask, we are happy to see you.


Upon arrival, patients and staff alike, are required to answer the simple COVID-19 screening questions related to any respiratory-like symptoms, travel, and potential exposure to COVID-19. This screening is done on every individual each time they enter the building as per provincial guidelines.

Support Person

To ensure physical distancing measures can be maintained, we ask that, if possible, patients enter the building independently. However, 1 essential support-visitor may be allowed entry with each patient in the event that mobility issues or language translation call for additional support.

Preventing the Spread with Additional Safety Measures

CCC has enhanced infection control protocols throughout the clinic as per the updated mandates of the Ontario Ministry of Health and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The following measures are updated regularly and adhered to based on public health recommendations and guidance:

  • Thorough and daily screening of all patients and staff
  • Providing virtual care appointments using tele-consultation technology
  • Provision of hand sanitizer and masks for all patients and staff
  • Enhanced environmental and surface cleaning and disinfection practices.
  • Reception, waiting areas, examination & testing rooms coordinated for physical distancing

Wait Times

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Cardiac Test Routine Test Wait Time Urgent Test Wait Time
ABPM 2 weeks Same day
ECG 24 hours Same day
Echocardiogram 2 weeks 36 hours
Stress Test (Exercise / Treadmill) 2 weeks Same day
Stress Echocardiogram 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor - 24 Hour 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor - 48 Hour 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor – 72 Hour 2 weeks 48 hours
Holter Monitor - 2 Weeks 2 weeks 48 hours
Spirometry 24 hours Same day

The above wait-times indicate the standard benchmarks that Cambridge Cardiac Care strives to meet each and every day. Unforeseen circumstances and Public Health mandates, may effect these wait times. Rest assured that timely access is a driving force at CCC: we will get you in as soon as possible, based on your assessed level of urgency.