Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre

Overview: Getting Tested

World-class testing facility at your doorstep

At Cambridge Cardiac Care we believe that every Canadian should have easy access to world-class, life-saving cardiac testing and technology regardless of where they live. As the leading provider of cardiac testing in the region and an academic centre affiliated with McMaster University and University of Toronto, our cardiologists and technical staff are at the forefront of scientific investigations. We continually monitor and update our units and our skills to ensure that the most advanced and accurate tests are made available right here in our home community.

This section of our web site was built to help prepare you for your cardiac tests. Please pay close attention to the dos and don’ts that we have outlined for you, including what to bring, how to dress, and when to eat. Following these instructions will help your appointment run more smoothly.

Our Cardiovascular Technologist Team

Our highly trained CVT team is made up of some of the region’s most accomplished Cardiovascular Technologists, skilled in ECG, holter monitoring, stress testing, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and spectrometry testing. With an emphasis on skill-building and a commitment to the pursuit of scientific excellence, our Cardiovascular Technologists (CVT) are the eyes and ears of the clinic, providing thorough and reliable clinical reports that are the underpinning of everything we do.

Our Echocardiography Team

Our Echo and Stress Echo teams are made up of some of the region’s most highly qualified sonographers; individuals who have committed to specialized training in advanced diagnostic technologies including Microbubble UEA Echo. We are privileged to have these exceptional professionals with their highly sought-after skillset on our team. Their soothing bedside manner coupled with their excellent diagnostic acumen is among Cambridge Cardiac Care’s greatest assets.

A full roster of non-invasive cardiac tests

Learn about the non-invasive cardiac tests that are offered at Cambridge Cardiac Care. Our highly qualified team of technologists, sonographers and registered nurses are always there to guide you through the process. Though they are not legally at liberty to discuss the results of the test with you, they can offer support and clarify any questions you may have about the procedure.

Booking an appointment

Cardiac tests are booked by referral from your healthcare provider or ER physician only. Once we receive a referral form from them, we will call you to book the date and time. Once the testing is complete, a report will be sent to your healthcare provider who will discuss the details with you directly.

Who reads my test results and writes my medical report?

Our lead physician, Dr. A. Shekhar Pandey, is an adult invasive, non-invasive and preventive cardiologist. He is joined by an impressive team of fellow cardiologists who each lend their robust clinical acumen to the testing and diagnostics department at Cambridge Cardiac Care. Their reports are sent to your healthcare provider who will discuss and explain the results of your tests with you directly.

Wait Times

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Cardiac Test Routine Test Wait Time Urgent Test Wait Time
ABPM 2 weeks Same day
ECG 24 hours Same day
Echocardiogram 2 weeks 36 hours
Stress Test (Exercise / Treadmill) 2 weeks Same day
Stress Echocardiogram 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor - 24 Hour 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor - 48 Hour 2 weeks 24 hours
Holter Monitor – 72 Hour 2 weeks 48 hours
Holter Monitor - 2 Weeks 2 weeks 48 hours
Spirometry 24 hours Same day

The above wait-times indicate the standard benchmarks that Cambridge Cardiac Care strives to meet each and every day. Unforeseen circumstances and Public Health mandates, may effect these wait times. Rest assured that timely access is a driving force at CCC: we will get you in as soon as possible, based on your assessed level of urgency.