Cambridge Cardiac Care Centre

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built around the three pillars of cardiovascular health

Prevention • Detection • Therapy

Our on-site, state-of-the-art testing facility provides rapid and complete non-invasive cardiac investigations. We make timely booking and reporting a top priority, doing our part to reduce critical wait times in our province. Early detection is our ally in the fight against heart disease, allowing us to implement a treatment plan and get started on Risk-reversal lifestyle interventions that could add years to your life.

Finally, our Rapid Access suite of disease-specific clinics are designed to address the very individualized therapy needs of patients with atrial fibrillation congestive heart failure, and chest pain. This unique program provides a fast-track to diagnostics, specialist consultation and lifestyle therapy so that patients are better able to manage their condition for a more active and fulfilling life.

State-of-the-art equipment and specialized staff

Underscoring the three-pillars of our practice is a deep commitment to the ongoing advancement of the science of cardiometabolic illnesses. As such, we have dedicated an entire wing to clinical research fit with not only state-of-the-art laboratory and storage equipment but also specialized research staff and scientists who are dedicated exclusively to the running of clinical research onsite.

Personal responsibility: a founding tenant

You are at the heart of it all.

Like a healthy heart, the four “chambers” of Cambridge Cardiac Care --the P.R.E.V.E.N.T. Clinic, the testing facility, the clinical research centre, and the Rapid Access Clinics & lifestyle therapies--must work together in an integrated fashion for optimal functioning. This requires a high standard of personal responsibility, a founding tenant that informs all of our decisions from hiring practices to equipment investment, from facility expansion to research undertakings. You, our patients, are at the heart of it all.