An Introduction to Heart Failure

Your heart acts like a pump: it is responsible for pumping blood through your blood vessels to all the tissue and organs in your body.

Sometimes, the heart is unable to pump blood as well as it should. This is known as heart failure. In patients with heart failure, the heart is not able to pump blood effectively because of damage, weakness or stiffness.

Heart failure is a very serious condition; although historically it was said that 50% of heart failure patients would die within 5 years of their diagnosis, with newer therapies and diligent adherence to lifestyle changes, in some heart failure patients it is possible to achieve a near-normal life expectancy. While it is possible to control and reverse some of the underlying causes of heart failure, others can not be cured.

Heart Failure Diagram: 600,000 Canadians suffer it, it costs $2.8 billion/yr, it's the most common reason for hospitilization in Canada, it is on the rise

There are many things that YOU can do to fight heart failure! There are treatments, including medication and lifestyle changes (including exercise, eating a healthy diet, reducing alcohol, stopping smoking & working on stress management) as well as devices and interventions that can reduce symptoms, improve quality of life and help you live longer.

This educational guide will help teach you the basics of heart failure and what you can do to combat it, including links to other patient resources that you may find helpful. That being said, you should always make medical decisions in concert with your healthcare providers. Never start, stop or change medications or lifestyle interventiosn without consultation of your doctor.

Heart Failure vs. Heart Attack vs. Cardiac Arrest

Some patients get confused on the difference between the heart failure, heart attacks and cardiac arrests because the names of all three can appear similar and they are all related to heart diseases. Each of these conditions/events are distinct and important to understand.

Descriptions of heart failure, heart attack and cardiac arrest
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