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Early and accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular disease is essential to effective prevention and treatment of heart attacks and strokes. In fact recent medical studies have shown that 90% of all cardiac risks are preventable. This requires comprehensive investigation to determine all of the issues that may be contributing to your risk of heart attack & stroke. There is no one test that determines all of these issues. Various tests help us to put the puzzle together and determine what may be causing your symptoms or putting you at risk for cardiovascular events. All of these tests are supervised and interpreted by Dr. Pandey and his team of Cardiologists who have each over a decade of experience in Cardiac Diagnostics.

Portrat of the cardiac investigation team at CCCC

Your Cardiac Investigation Team includes highly trained and experienced cardiovascular technologists and cardiovascular sonographers working with the latest in imaging technology and diagnostic equipment. This state of the art array includes Digital 2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Echocardiography, Stress testing, Stress-Echocardiography, 24-48 hour Digital Holter Monitoring, 2 week digital loop event recorders, Digital EKGs, 24 Ambulatory Blood pressure monitoring and spirometry lung function testing. No one test tells the whole picture but together various test can give us a better understanding of your heart and its health.

We look forward to helping in the accurate diagnosis of your cardiac health status. Please ask us any questions you may have about the tests we perform and the work that we do.

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